Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chris' family Christmas

We really had a great Christmas this year. We had Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house and it started with a bang. Literally. We like to blow things up and this year 2 lovely gingerbread houses saw their demise. Dinner was great and then we went to my brothers (next door) and had a program that included "The 12 days of Christmas", a few piano performances,very noisy chimes,  and a traditional nativity. We then enjoyed desert, Santa brought PJ's for all and we hurried home to get to bed.Christmas morning was awesome. The kids loved opening their gifts and were thrilled to get a wii (finally... they are sure they are the very last children in America to get one). It really was awesome... check our blog in a couple days for the full story.
Here is our traditional "Christmas morning in front of the tree after all the presents are opened" picture.  Afton was pretty much done with the whole thing. I think she was very tired.
After that we went to our good friends/adopted grandma's house for waffles and a phone call from my brother, Bryn, who is serving his mission in England. It was a great day... I have so much more to tell but want to leave room for the rest of you =) so check my blog in the next couple of days for the full story on everything. 


All right... I'm tired of being the only one posting on here so I'm calling you all out! I'm challenging EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to post a couple pictures of your Christmas and let us know what you did. Here's how you do it:

1. Make sure you are an "author" on this blog. You should have replied to my invitation months ago. If you didn't, or can't remember, call me and I'll re-invite you.

2. Go to the blog and sign in (top right hand corner). Note: if you are not an authorized author you can't sign in.

3. Select "new post".

4. Write title, add pictures, write text and select "publish post".

That's it. Super easy. And... Begin. (I'll start)

A Higbee Family Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas a little early this year... 10 days to be exact. We all gathered at Jolie and Greg's for a delicious dinner and a program. We started with the nativity, planned by Aubrie. It was awesome, as usual, and the kids had a great time. 
The cast: Chris (Joseph), Afton (the Star), Abigail (Mary), 
Coleman (Baby Jesus), Cayden (Joseph/shepherd), 
and Emma (gangsta shepherd)
Dad reading the story from the Bible as Max gives a riveting (and quite amusing) performance of the Angel Gabriel.
Mom and Dad sang some of their favorite Hawaiian songs and we had performances by "the guys" singing 'We three Kings" and Abby and Afton sang 'Where are you Christmas". We also had and impromptu sing-a-long of many of the Higbee favorites.

Then we watched this (look for Jaremy):

and this:

Both were wonderful additions and really 
added to the spirit of the evening.

Love was in the air...
Jaremy brought Dani
Alyssa brought Dillon
and Zack brought Afton (what a great name).

Here are just a few more pictures:
Leisa, Mom, Coleman, and Grandma Doris
Cayden, Emma, Aubrie, and Connor
Greg and Jolie (thanks for hosting!)
and Matthew, looking dapper as always!

We also had the Webb family (they had to leave early or Katie's dance performance) and Aaron, Christopher, Troy and me (but I was behind the camera). I'm pretty sure that's it.

We really missed those of you who weren't there. 

Good food, family and fun... it was the perfect night. 
What a great way to celebrate the birth of our Savior!