Friday, January 29, 2010

Kylan's 1st Santa Visit!

We had a visit from Santa at our Ward Christmas Party so I invited Renata and Kylan to come with us. Alec discovered that you are definately the most popular boy in the room when you have a really cute baby that you are carrying around. Kylan was so cute and sweet that everyone fell in love with him even Santa. I know that he and Alec were very good boys because Santa brought them a lot of stuff for Christmas!

Happy 77th Birthday Dad!

For all of you who couldn't be at Dad's Birthday it was Awesome! We went to Mom and Dad's to have cake and spend time with the greatest man I know! Dad, you really are amazing to have all these years of wisdom and not one ounce of senility that I can sense. We love you!

Alec Turns 11!

Alec's Birthday was a lot of fun. We went to 'Jump On It' in Lindon. He invited friends we ate pizza, cake and then went and jumped on every kind of trampoline that you can imagine. There were trampolines on the ground and walls that covered the whole floor. The boys had TONS of fun! One thing I learned is that it's usually best to eat after you jump than before. Wisdom to live by! Another piece of advice, if you've had 4 kids...not a good idea to jump up and down.
Alecs Friends; Gavin, Hayden, Cody, Jake & Caden

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was one of the most special ones that I can remember ever having. It was filled with kind acts of service and a lot of love. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve at Jolie and Greg's but we missed all of you who couldn't be there. Thank you Jolie, Greg, Jaremy and Alyssa for being so generous. We love you guys! Jolie had a really fun program that ended with Santa leaving Christmas Eve presents on the door step for all the kids and grandkids. We are so lucky to be able to have these opportunities to spend with Mom, Dad and Grandma Goodrich. I hope all of you had the Merriest of Christmases! We love and miss you All!!!
Watch out Dylan, Alyssa's got a new love!
Mike and his golf buddy also known as "My Dad".
Afton with Alyssa's new baby, Bear.
Jolie and Greg take a quick smooch break then it's back to work!
Karen and Mom. I LOVE this picture!
Aaron and his favorite Grandpa.
Jaremy and Cole taking request!
Alec loves Grandma Doris.
Alec and his homey G-pa H!
Jolie and Leisa share a "sister" moment.
Katie you're so Sessy!

Dylan Stoddle and Alyssa share a BIG Christmas smile. Dylan gave Alyssa a cute puppy named "Bear" for Christmas.

Zach, Katie, Abbey, Grandma Doris and Romeo wait patiently for Santa.
Chris and Max are ready to get to the presents!
I think Mike and Matt are both ready for Santa to come. Matt just lets it all hang out!
Afton helps Aunt Jolie tell the Christmas Story.
Abbey and Afton sing a Chirstmas song.
Alec plays "Silent Night" on the guitar.
Afton Grace is part of the show!

Alec snugles with Afton.

Brooke and Mitch enjoy the Christmas Eve program with Cole.

Renata shows off her new headband, a present from her favorite brother Alec!

Josh helps Kylan open his presents on Christmas. I love this picture!

Brooke, Renata and Katie all get vintage purses from Mom.

Katie, Brooke and Alec opening presents on Christmas Morning. It's typical Christmas morning hair going on with these three.

Grandpa Mike is excited about Christmas???

Candy canes are good!
Kylan has his first candy cane.

Kylan loves to eat choclate too!

December? January's almost over???

I can't believe how fast the holidays went this year and January has gone 2 times as fast. It has been an amazing new year. I never thought I could be so blessed. Josh called and asked his Uncle Greg who is the Bishop of our ward if he could have Kylan blessed on January 3rd. It was a little bit of a crazy start but it really turned out to be an awesome day. Thanks to all of our family and Renata's family that came and stayed. We are so lucky to have so many family members who love us. It was also Alec's 11th birthday (I will post that separate, the pictures are on my other camera). Katie had Region Drill team and guess what they won 1st place over all. It was really amazing and fun. I also worked 4 days a week in the developmental preschool at Saratoga Shores Elementary for a teacher who had her baby. While doing this I started School at UVU. I am taking a class on campus 1 night a week and an online math class. It's about 10 credit hours. It's been a little crazy but I have been really blessed to be able to still be a mom, wife and 2nd councelor in the Primary. My family has been really supportive and I would just like to tell them THANK YOU!
Mike gave a beautiful blessing. Uncles Greg Hill, Chris Webb & Chris Higbee, Cousins Matt & Zac Wilson, Grandpa's Higbee & Webb all were in the circle to bless Kylan.

Renata's Family; (Mom) Eleasir Carzalho, (Uncle) Mesaque Carzalho, (Uncle) Sadraque Carzalho, (friend) Matias.
Kylan & Grandma Ele
Kylan with Grandma & Grandpa Higbee
Kylan with Grandpa Mike
Kylay with Grandpa &Grandma Webb
Katie and Zach Morgan
Amelia Webb & Abbey Higbee
Alyssa & Coleman
Katie's Drill Competition was really fun because they did so well! Katie works really hard along with all her teammates getting up to be at practice every school day and Saturday at 6 am. They also practice after school sometimes. They go to camp, competitions where they placed 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th, perform at school games and help with the Mascott Bowl that raises money for underpriveliged kids to go Christmas shopping. I am so proud of them and it's nice that all their hard work paid off and they took home the BIG trophy. A BIG THANKS to Brooke, Grandma and Grandpa Higbee and Katie's mom for coming to cheer her on!
Katie & Big Sis Brooke
For their Kick line routine they did almage to the 80's and did a dance to "Maniac" dressed as Jennifer Beals in "Flash Dance". It was cute, fun and AWESOME! Their kicks were kickin'!
Yes that's Katie!
This too!
Dance routine was fabulous with the girls dancing like marionettes.

Their Military Dace was the best of them all. It was very precises and Grandpa said they looked a little angry. I told him that they are in the military and that they had to have their "Game Face" on. This is Katie in a spinning, split headstand.

Katie and Alex Richardson showing off the BIG trophy with their friend from Lehi, Bruce.
2010 Region Champs Baby!