Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life in Virginia

This is my first attempt at blogging. So far I am convinced that I am blogging challenged but we will see how it goes. I hope our picture of the home we will be renting will come up for you to see. Virginia is a beautiful place and we are excited about this house. It sits on 1and1/2 acre of land. Most of it is trees. There is a variety of wildlife and alot of birds.
Our home in Utah still has not sold or been rented so it's anyones guess as to how we will pay for this house. Please pray for us. Living by faith takes alot of energy and a committment to turn away from fear. Anyway, here goes nothing.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A family that plays together...

On Aug. 2nd Dad, Chris, Mike and Karen competed as a team in the annual Saratoga Springs Stake Golf Tournament. They placed fourth and had a great time. This was their 3rd year participating in this event and they have always done really well... they even took home the 1st place trophy in 2005!

Fun in the Sun!

To wrap up our little reunion we had a swimming/dinner party. Favorite activities included eating (of course), water basketball (even Grandma played a little), sliding down the rock slide, wrestling, train rides, indoor soccer, and good old fashioned visiting. This time we had 5 generations, Root Beer floats (who can resist?), perfect weather and so much fun that the older "kids" continued the party well into the night. Thanks to all who attended, especially those who traveled from far away places, and helped make this a great week for every one.