Sunday, May 16, 2010

Arianna's Cross Country

(Hi this is Arianna, my mom wanted me to write about this...)This school year I started doing Cross Country. I've really enjoyed it, and I'm now starting Track and Field. I started doing Cross Country, because my mom recommended it after experiencing it herself at my age. Thanks mom!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kylan's 1 year old Pictures

We took pictures of Kylan with his baby hair before we cut it.
He's a big boy that's 1 year old!
Great Aunt Katie took all of these pictures!
Thanks Katie you are amazing!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Mom

Dear Mom,
I just want to tell you how much you mean to me and how amazing you are. I love and am really amazed by all of your talents. I hope that you know that because of you I feel like I can be the person that I am. You have helped me to realize that doing what you want in life isn't easy if it's worth it. I am so lucky to have such an example to follow. I hope with all my heart that your day is happy. I know from experience that Mothers Day isn't all that it's expected to be when you have young children. I know that I wasn't always the best to let you know what you mean to me and I didn't always know how hard it was to be a mom. I know now and I want you to know that I appreciate all that you did to make our lives as happy as they were. I had an amazing childhood and I was so lucky to be able to do all the things I got to do. Thankyou for giving me the gift of curiosity. I love learning because of you. I love to read because of you. I love good music, art and beautiful things because of you. I love Shakespear because of you. I love movies because of you. I remember the days that we spent at the cabin and you teaching me the things that you learned as a young girl in a cabin and I always felt special because you were special. I love the way Dad loves you and lets you be the person you are. I love the way you love Dad and accept him and try to support him all that he does.
Thanks Mom!
Hope that your day is happy!

Kylan's Birthday Bash! May 8, 2010

Kylan's 1st Birthday was quite something! The weather was nice earlier in the day but got really windy and cold in the afternoon. He was a little tiered and fell asleep. We stayed at the Eagle Park in Saratoga Springs until about 5:oo. Some of you had to leave after 2 hours and didn't get to have cake. It was really amazing and we are sorry you had to miss it. We had enough food to feed an army of Brazilians but only half of them showed up. We would like to thank all of our family that came and tell you all that we love you! Thanks Katie for these amazing pictures you took. What would we do without you! All photography was done by "Kate Higbee Photography".